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Hina Ads Platform

A Data Integration Platform for Marketers. Turn your marketing data into opportunity. Easily create reports and automatically update them in Looker or Google Sheets. Automatically fetch data from Google Ads, Facebook and TikTok.

Data Source

The easiest way to move all your ads data to your reporting tools. Simply authorize your account with a click of a button and start reporting. We can integrate data from many channels into on report. We makes it easy to centralize your global marketing data and automate reporting. Improve decision-making by delivering relevant data and insights across your organization. We also have many report template for most popular industries.

Google Ads


With just a few clicks, data will be sent to Looker or Google Sheets. We have many report template for Looker user.

Looker Studio
Google Sheets
Hina Ads API


Improve return on advertisement

Automated reports allow you to optimize marketing campaigns faster and get maximum return on your ad spend.

Reduce reporting time by 50%

Focus on value-adding activities like data analysis and optimization instead of manual data transfer and reporting.

80% less expensive to maintain

Set up once and let us handle the rest. The cost of integrating your data sources with Supermetrics is half that of building your own integrations.

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