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Jump Starting Programme

 Fast track to bring customers to your business

Looking for training and resources to help you grow your business online? We offer you a shortcut to achieve your first milestone in digital marketing. Our jump starting programme is run by our digital specialists, who handle millions of advertising budgets.


We customise and execute strategies tailored for your business. After the campaign runs smoothly, we transfer back to you with our guidance backing for future growth of your business.

Best for:

  • New business owners, especially e-shop and online store owners

  • Marketers who want to invest in new media channels

  • Existing campaign does not perform well

Programme Structure

Prelaunch Preparation

  • Current campaign auditing (if any): examine current campaigns by  our experts

  • Review on current campaign: Tell you why campaigns cannot achieve the your objectives

  • Campaign planning and structure: propose and explain new structure

  • 1st - 3rd month working timeline: execution plan and milestones


Get in touch to discuss your needs and see how our Jump Starting Programme can help.

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