Digitize Infinite Opportunities Worldwide

Hina Technology Co., Limited is an integrated digital marketing agency headquartered in Shenzhen with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Wuhan. Aiming to explore cross-border markets for global advertisers, we provide one-stop solutions from creative production, media buying to advertising technologies. Our data-driven digital solutions are customized for every single client to reach their goals.

Having a core team with strong digital background and over 15 years of experience in Google and other industry-leading companies, HINA is a Premier Partner of Google, and certificated reseller/agency partner of Facebook, Twitter, DoubleClick, Yandex, Tiktok, Bing, Yahoo, Weibo, Wechat and Baidu.


Aiming to be the trustful digital marketing partner, HINA support Greater China and international advertisers to explore cross-boarder opportunities worldwide. Our servies include:


Integrated Strategy

As a leading integrated digital marketing agency, HINA clients benefit from our unparalleled ability to deliver professional data-driven marketing solutions at global scale. In the fast-evolving digital landscape, partnerships with HINA give clients access to superior-quality global media resources and winning digital strategies.



SEM is the fastest way to boost your chances to reach customers by placing your ads at the top of Search Engine Results Page. HINA SEM experts work with professional analytical tools to serve ads that drive revenue on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu.


Display & Video Advertising

Today, savvy brands are developing valuable relationships with customers through investing in display and video ads. You can boost brand awareness — even if viewers don’t click through. Our display practice is built on data, enabling us not only to customize creative designs, but also to analyse consumer journey. Through catering to consumer intent, we bring your ads to audience that generate real value.


Social Marketing

Effective communication with consumers on social media platforms is a powerful way to find honest brand ambassadors. Our specialists can develop comprehensive social media strategy by integrating tailor-made ads with KOL promotion to nurture leads, build your brand and drive sales.


Mobile App Promotion

Launch and Promotion Strategy is what distinguishes your App from competitive products. Our team customizes mobile app marketing strategies on CPI and CPC models to increase installs. We help developers harness mobile marketing successfully.



Programmatic advertising automates the decision-making process of media buying by using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB). You can easily benefit from accurate targeting, global inventory access, consumer insights and ROI-driven approach. With HINA, you have the opportunity to unlock advanced digital platform tactics to help elevate your campaigns and achieve expert-level success.


Creative & Design

In the crowd of internet today, outstanding contents and exclusive design influence consumer behaviour. Proven by clients in mobile Game, E-Commerce and etc, we produce, create, distribute and amplify your content, growing your audience and boosting performance at the same time.


Measurement & Analytics

As a performance drive digital marketing pioneer, data transparency rooted in our mission to uncover true performance. Leveraging a suite of marketing automation tools such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, DoubleClick, we optimize your campaigns in near real-time and generate cross-channel reporting that produces actionable insights to drive conversions and improve ROI.



High organic ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) is what secures high visibility and better credibility for your website. We analyse search trends and keywords volume to define your pinnacle keywords and content development priorities. Our approach to SEO drives customers to your website.


China Market Entry Strategy

China, as the leading market globally, is still a competitive and highly complex landscape, making marketing in China difficult and costly. As a China-based agency firm, HINA offers tailored digital marketing solutions to reach the large, active and impressionable audiences through Baidu, Weibo, Wechat, Toutiao, etc.